“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

– Winston Churchill

LinkedIn may be a channel to generate interest in your company.

If your company relies on your individual expertise, this match is almost a “no-brainer”.  For others, the struggle is “how do I make it work?”  LinkedIn is not just another social media channel.  It can be a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit.  I view LinkedIn as the “polish” to your business presence.  Your business network, depending on your business, can be a source of growth for your business.  Growing your business network could lead to new business-to-business opportunities.  It’s a channel you should consider and evaluate.

Four key questions for evaluating LinkedIn:

  • Are you the face of your business?
  • Is your business validated by your expertise?
  • Do you have a “social” aspect to your Business Digital Brand?
  • Are your competitors on LinkedIn?

If the answer is YES to ANY of the questions, you should consider LinkedIn.  You will have a business networking channel.

As a platform for business networking, LinkedIn has enormous potential to grow your business.  How?  Let’s look as seven habits you should consider if you decide to use LinkedIn.

  1. Keep Your Current Skills and Experience Updated – This is the reason LinkedIn was originally developed. It’s more than a digital resumé.  Your LinkedIn profile can document your expertise.  If you have a clothing store, are you also a fashion consultant?  If you have a restaurant, are you also a chef?  Make your expertise part of your Business Digital Brand story [see my previous blog for more on digital brands. -Ed].
  2. Develop and Maintain New Expertise – Any new expertise that you learn and develop should be updated in your profile. Any new event for your business should be updated in your company profile page.
  3. Publish Original Professional Content – Original content can mean many things. You don’t want to give away your intellectual property but try to find a way to post professionally to enhance your expertise and bring attention to your business.  Don’t blatantly advertise!
  4. Add Your LinkedIn Hyperlink to Emails and All Original Work – Start referencing your LinkedIn profile anytime you can. This can build the professional polish for your expertise.
  5. Connect to New (And All) Acquaintances on LinkedIn – Anytime you meet new people, try to connect with them on LinkedIn. This builds your network.
  6. Re-Post Relative Professional Content – When you find an article or item ANYWHERE and you want to re-post, BE CAREFUL! This can cause more harm.  Read EVERYTHNG carefully.
  7. Be Consistent – set aside some time and make a goal to post to LinkedIn specifically. Start slow and gradually increase as you deem necessary.  This is not an “update-and-forget-about-it” platform.  Continue to build your expertise and customers will look to you for guidance which could lead to increased sales.

LinkedIn is a social media for business networking.  Though the focus is on the individual professional, highlighting and building your individual expertise can benefit your business.  The ability to connect with other professionals and businesses could lead to growth.  Finding out how to leverage LinkedIn is the key to using it as part of your Business Digital Brand.

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