How does NASA have a party? They PLAN-ET!

We laugh because we know who NASA is and what NASA does.  They have name recognition.  Do they have brand recognition?  What products or services do they provide?  The list is long and goes from science to education and beyond.  So, the answer is yes.  How do you build and protect your digital brand?  It’s a question that can be discussed for hours [We have seminars and workshops on this. -Ed].  There are many different approaches and what works for one business may not work another.  Today let’s start with Business Digital Brand fundamentals.  We will focus on 3 perspectives (there are many!) and present some points to consider for each.

What is It and Why is it Important to Your Business?

Digital Brand is a term that covers a broad concept.  We are going to focus on how it relates to your business.  For our purposes today, I define Business Digital Brand as:

“The business persona represented though the digital continuum.”

[I take credit for this definition in the context of today’s blog. -Ed]

If you have a business presence on the web or in social media, your business has a presence or digital persona much like your personal digital persona.  How you represent your Business Digital Brand can have an impact on how successful this platform is for your business.  Where you represent your Business Digital Brand in the digital continuum matters!  Now that we have a definition to work from, let’s discuss the Business Digital Brand further.

How do you develop a Business Digital Brand?

Developing a Business Digital Brand starts with these key points:

  • Create a Business Digital Brand story – The purpose or passion for why you are in business can be a powerful driver for establishing your brand. Think about it.  Do some research.
  • Develop digital content needed for your Business Digital Brand. – Creativity plays a critical role and is not just shooting video with your smartphone camera. See what else is out there. Research.
  • Develop what digital channels you will use to establish your Business Digital Brand. – Is it a web page? Facebook? A mix of everything? You must do research.
  • Identify ways to create digital relationships and engage with your customers. – This is where research really helps. Do you do a blog or vlog?  Host events?  Without a way to connect, your Business Digital Brand may not be as effective.

The underlying message is: YOU MUST DO SOME RESEARCH.  Developing a business persona or Business Digital Brand requires some thought and planning.

How do you rehabilitate a Digital Brand?


What if your Business Digital Brand is broken?  Can it be rehabilitated?  That depends.  Social media remembers the last trending topic only until the next trending topic.  That means that sometimes the digital continuum can be forgiving.  My recommendation is:

  • Learn the lesson of why your Business Digital Brand got to its current state. – This way you avoid a repeat result.
  • Focus on the key points above to RE-Brand your business. – The “story” will be your primary driver for rehabilitation followed by engagement.  You may already have a customer base to leverage.

In some cases, there may not be a clear path for rehabilitation so protect what you have!

To conclude, your Business Digital Brand has a persona that can be helped or hurt by how you approach the digital continuum.  You must be deliberate and thoughtful.  NASA has experienced both triumph and tragedy and continues to exist.  The adage “failing to plan is planning to fail” takes on a whole new meaning when your “livelihood” goes live in the digital realm.  Godspeed.  Cheers!

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